Why did Venture Thinking choose to enter the scene right now, in the most difficult moment, in the midst of emergency and confusion? It is easy to answer: preparation for the future has to happen in the present. We propose a challange to ourselves, to the business world, to the world of philosophy, to all the worlds where the sense of enterprise makes the difference, that is to reinvent our thought models, redefine purpose and mission of companies, build ideas, hypotheses, visions, scenarios for the present and the near future.



The Phoenix Program, launched together with IESE and Campus Bio-Medico University, wants to be of service to leading entities, such as SMEs in our country, so important, yet so challenged by the crisis. The contribution in “solidarity innovation” of the large corporations provides SMEs with access to the program and a network of excellence – the Venture Thinkers – who can accompany them in this delicate phase by providing ideas, skills, collaborative and generative relationships.


Jeffrey Pfeffer

Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University and Visiting Professor at IESE

Maria Sophia Aguirre

Full Professor of Economics at Catholic University of America 

Tal Ben Shahar

Happiness Studies Academy – Founder

Stefano Zamagni

Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences  – President

Sandra Mitchel

Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at University of Pittsburgh

Robert Quin

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Maria Chiara Carrozza

Scientific Director – Don Gnocchi Foundation

Massimo Inguscio

CNR National Research Council – President

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