“Humanity needs to make a choice. Will we travel down the route of disunity, or will we adopt the path of global solidarity?”

Phoenix is ​​an acceleration program to respond to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises hit by the Covid emergency. SMEs are the most exposed business segment, with very serious financial difficulties and a strong contraction in revenues. Under these conditions small entrepreneurs do not have enough strength to invest in growth. The Phoenix ecosystem wants to enable them to attend high-level executive programs, deal with managers of large companies, share processes and know-how, and above all create collaborations.
This is made possible by the contribution in “solidarity innovation” of large Corporates – that invest in the consolidation of SMEs offering access to the program – and above all opening a network of excellence – the Venture Thinkers – capable of accompanying them in this delicate phase by providing ideas, skills, collaborative and generative relationships. Through Phoenix it is possible to generate common investments to give SMEs concrete answers. In this process, large companies can create value for small businesses in their sectors, and businesses can relaunch themselves in the wake of a common dialogue among innovators, professionals, and scholars from all over the world. Phoenix Partners include IESE, the world’s number one Business School for Executive Education, and the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome, center of excellence in medical research. These two academies – together with eFM, leading digital transformation in workplaces – dialogue with hundreds of companies, large and small, to generate new ideas, establish permanent, cooperative, generative and resilient ecosystems.